CRM Handbook / Top Tips
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Top Tips

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Through the extensive research undertaken to complete this handbook in CRM good practice, a number of people from different institutions were asked for their top tips for other Colleges and Universities that wanted to implement CRM.


  • The system you use is less of an issue as long as it’s fully functional and does what you need it to do. It’s about that cultural understanding that you’re working as part of a larger organisation that’s trying to achieve corporate aims and making a breakthrough on that is the main issue or challenge.  An organisation that can achieve this can increase its chance of success. 


  • CERIF- from research point of view, adopted UK standard for information


  • Getting buy in from appropriate stakeholders


  • Don’t have lots of different systems as it makes it more complicated for people get a system that meets all of the needs. Standardisation of data- this is the ideal. 


  • Get procedures set out as to how you want data inputted.  Think about the information you would like to get out of it, and work backwards.  Initial set up might take longer, but easier than carrying out remedial work.


  • Put more effort into your data migration than you think is required.  Cleanse and rationalise data sources to ensue data validation. Cost of outsourcing batch cleanse can be of benefit, to reduce duplications, bounce-backs, etc.  Reduces wasted effort.


  • Persistence and speed.


  • Everything takes longer than you think it will make sure you add plenty of contingency time. 


  • From the outset create a vision, what is the key purpose of CRM? 


  • If you include too many stakeholders- then it gets pushed and pulled and doesnt meet anybody's needs. 


  • Define the purpose and scope from the outset of CRM implementation.


  • Make sure you have a senior champion. 


  • Engage with stakeholders early in process.


  • Make sure you choose a CRM system that is fit for purpose, not only for the next couple of years but will grow with your institution.  


  • Consider confidentiality in your CRM system and how information will be shared across your organisation before implementation.